Thursday, January 20, 2011

I hate missing 11:11.


Anyways, hello again! I'm currently buying my amtrak ticket to visit my boyfriend in Oregon. He goes to Uni. of Oregon and his apartment is in the best location ever. Close to VOODOO DOUGHNUTS the coolest fuckin' doughnut shop you will ever go to. Take a look at the menu! I have been waiting for the day I get to go have one of their deliciously quirky doughnuts for about a year now since I first heard of it through a friend. Not only that but I get my Ho-Oh back from him that he hijacked so long ago. I'm just most excited to see him. We were already long distance to begin with but we could still see each other once a week, now we have to wait weeks/months.

I also got my debit card rejected for the first time. It just recently put on a bunch of charges I already thought it had. It was really embarrassing, but at least it was at work where I am loved and adored. ;-;

I need to find a tripod, or even a good place to take pictures of my outfits. I miss taking them. I figure I've starved for long enough. Time for toast.


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