Monday, February 27, 2012

Bralet styling

Hey there guys!

So from my last polyvore set, I ordered the denim bralet showed in there. I'm so excited to wear it! Here's a set of the ways I'd like to style it.

Bralet Styling

3 1 Phillip Lim sheer cardigan, $113
Long sleeve button down shirt, $63
Bustier top, $32
Limedrop gathered skirt, 174 AUD
Mary Katrantzou pleated skirt, $1,030
MOTHER skinny fit jeans, £235
H&M pleated shorts, £13
Wet Seal fringe sandals, $20
Canvas shoes, $20
Miu Miu high heel sandals, $635
Wet Seal bangles jewelry, $8.50
Kate Spade anchor jewelry, $48
Yves Saint Laurent glass jewelry, £165
Miss Selfridge wood jewelry, $10
Wet Seal longs jewelry, $7.50
Floppy hat, $50
Wet Seal wayfarer shades, $7.50
Rimmel London Kate Lipstick, $9.83

I am going to scour Goodwills and thrift shops for a nice black or white maxi skirt and cut it into a waterfall skirt. OR hi-low/high low, asymmetrical... It has so many different names! I think that would look really cute with the bralet. then some nice wayfarers, black heels, and a set of bangles. I really like wooden/gold accessories lately.

Speaking of wooden, I think a pair of wooden wedges would be pretty fabulous! I already have the high waisted shorts from H&M. A nice cardigan to keep me warm and a pretty statement ring would complete the look!

Someone suggested wearing a bright skirt with it, and I really liked the idea! It would be nice to integrate some color into my wardrobe. I think the crazy print of the skirt I found would stand out great! Then a white button up shirt to just wear as a cover up, maybe tied at the bottom. I think this look would be better as a more casual one, so I would pair it with kicks as opposed to heels. then a cute turquoise necklace to match the brightness of the skirt and you're done!

Then, in what Kurtis from theordinarypeoples would call "a Canadian tuxedo" aka denim on denim. To pull it off I think going from light to dark denim would be best. These tasseled sandals were also in my last polyvore set, they are growing on me! To match the brown shade, a pair of leopard cross earrings. A nice floppy hat and red lipstick would finish up the look nicely.

What do you think of my choices? What have you recently purchased that you're looking forward to styling?


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

For my humanities class, we had to make a visual project based off a word we chose from a list of words we associate or that others have used to describe you. I chose this prompt, based off of James Luna's Half Indian/Half Mexican:

"Create a face-off between two sets of opposite images – ones that reflect your chosen word, and ones that reflect its common opposite.  Inject a compromise image in the middle."

James' piece

 My chosen word was scared. Here is my piece (click the picture to see it larger):


What would you have chosen for your word?


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring Style

 Sorry for being so out of touch lately! I've been doing a lot of school and work stuff. :(
I should do an outfit later today though so be on the lookout for that!

Spring Inspirations

H M long top, £15
AX Paris batwing top, £20
H M lace short sleeve shirt, £13
Denim top, $32
Wallis short sleeve top, £18
Neon Hart denim short shorts, $40
H&M denim jean shorts, £15
American Eagle Outfitters small heels, $50
Charlotte Russe buckle shoes, $40
Wet Seal rock shoes, $20
H M metal jewelry, £2.99
Wet Seal wayfare sunglasses, $7.50
eos Strawberry Sorbet Organic Lip Balm Sphere : Target, $50

As the weather heats up (or in our case, stays the same -__- ) I am itching to buy some more high waisted shorts. I love denim so much but I only have one pair of high waisted denim shorts! Must be fixing this pronto.

I have always wanted a long white cardigan as well. I think they look cozy yet somewhat elegant. It would be a nice coverup for being at the beach as well.

I love my brown boots from Forever 21 and I want to expand my collection! I have so many shoes (which I shall be posting in a shop my closet section soon! ) I never wear so it's time to clean out and make way for new stuff. I have never had any sandals that weren't flip flops so I would really like a pair of gladiator ones! I'm usually not a big fan of tassels but I think this isn't too overbearing.

I like this new trend of bottom tied tops. I think it looks cute and gives a plain shirt just a bit more style. I have also been DYING for a bralet but have never had the chance to get one/try one on.

I don't really care much for accessories but I do love my set of gold rings I bought at H&M a bit back. They're nice to just pop on and I like wearing them with my cat ring I bought off ebay. I ended up losing my owl ring and the other rings I bought broke. :( I'll be stoking up soon on cheapo ebay rings. They may turn my fingers a bit green but I don't mind so long as my wallet stays green too.

I used to have a cheapo ( 50 cent or something. They came in a friends birthday goodie bag) pair of wayfarers that were EXCELLENT and I wore them everywhere. Unfortunately they fell off over a bridge last summer so I need to replace them! I love the wayfarer style. Classic but not to campy.

I got this strawberry EOS lip sphere for christmas and I love it! Strawberry is one of my favorite flavors, plus it leaves my lips very moist for a long time. Plus it's such a cute design! I use this and my Jamba Juice lip balms exclusively.

I have a friend who used to drink an Arizona tea every day in high school. While I was shopping a few months ago I decided to try one and now I am hooked as well! I'm not a big fan of cold tea so I mostly stick to the fruity flavors, but I do like the mango and tea one. Cheap and delicious~

What do you want to incorporate into your wardrobe this spring?


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How did you know, if I've never told...

I've got a crush on you.

Happy Valentines day! I hope you all are feeling my love as I type this right now~

Dress - Oasap
Skirt - H&M
Kneesocks - Ebay
Heels - Kohls
I received this lovely leopard print dress from Oasap a few days ago and I love it! It is a bit short on me though so I wear it as a top instead. It's very soft and the pattern is really cute! For only $25 it is a definite must have. These are also my first outfit pictures I've take with Rose! She is so lovely and precious I love her to bits~ Speaking of Dr. who references, I woke up as Matt Smith this morning:
Eat your heart out, ladies.

I have been swamped with essays and picture taking and reading and so much other stuff so I haven't been posting much. I apologize!

PS. How do you love my new header? I would make it a bit better/personalized but I'm loaning my tablet to a friend right now. The art is from Mira Ongchua, one of my favorite artists! Please check out her deviantart or her tumblr. <3