Sunday, March 18, 2012


I'm part of a blogging community on facebook and I'd like to feature one of my girls today. :)

TheBeautBoutique is run by Ruthy hailing from Scotland. She specializes in romantic, vintage looking jewelry. Here are some of her handmade items!

I love the intricate detailing in the metal! The rose gives it that tiny detail to really make it a perfect piece.

I love this piece because it is wooden! I think wooden accessories/shoes/anything are so cool and the detailing of this piece is amazing!

This is my favorite piece from her store. I love how real the flower looks! Plus the daisy reminds me of my favorite book heroine, Alaska Young from the book Looking for Alaska by John Green.

The coolest products in her store are these miniature book rings! Any Disney/Harry Potter fan would love one of these.
She only has a few books in stock so if you like them, snatch them up!

You can also find Ruthy's blog right here. Stop by and check it out or leave her a comment!

Which product do you like best?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

20% off code from Romwe

Hello all! Happy St. Patricks Dayyyyy! 

I've gotten the opportunity to share a special discount with you all! 20% off anything at the Romwe store. They have a lot of cute new styles (plus they have galaxy clothing!) This coupon will help you knock off a bit of the price, and the prices are already pretty fair!

To get the discount:
Leave a comment below with your name and email and I will send it off promptly! I can't get the emails to work so you can use the code 20%OFF to get the discount.

Here are some of the pretty things I'd love to get from Romwe:

Right now I am wrestling with the thought of buying this gorgeous red skirt. It looks so flowy and pretty! Id would be cute with a grey top and cardigan. Only a few left in stock too! :{

Although I would not trade my darling camera Rose for anything, I wish I had chosen this as my birthday present from my parents instead sometimes. The famous Galaxy print skirt! I'd love to have this piece.

The floral pattern on this top is gorgeous! I think it would be very cute styled with high waisted shorts or the red skirt from above!

You guys know how much I love shorts. I like the frayed look to it as well. Plus the belt it comes with is cute!

Those are my picks! Remember to leave your email in a comment down below for the coupon code! Be safe today and have fun. :) I'm going to go debate about getting that red skirt now.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Deathly Sweet

Deathly Sweet

Tee shirt dress, $92
Tara Jarmon short dress, $630
Cardigan, £13
Floral shirt, $71
Miss Selfridge knit shirt, $68
Juicy Couture short sleeve shirt, $110
Jane Norman cape coat, £29
Monki pleated skirt, €30
Topshop hot shorts, $40
Miss Selfridge mini skirt, $38
Dsquared skinny jeans, £209
Rag bone legging, $187
Jeffrey Campbell brown boots, €169
Diane von F├╝rstenberg high heel shoes, $250
Cream high heels, £65
Vintage flat, $55
Vince Camuto platform wedge, $225
Ballerina shoes, $55
Vintage flat, $55
Oxford ballet flat, $39
Topshop cream handbag, $80
ASOS shopping bag, $63
H M leather handbag, £70
Oasis tiger eye ring, $19
Accessories Beyond magnetic bangle, $150
Skull jewelry, £45
Maison Martin Margiela brown sunglasses, $650
Janavi cashmere scarve, £550
Kate Spade bow hat, $98
Lola Ramona hair bow accessory, $14
Miss Selfridge leather hair accessory, $9

Everyone knows mint is going to be big this spring/summer. My favorite combinations for the color are gold, cream, pink, and brown. These combinations are pretty feminine and girly and I'm not sure if they would look good on me, but at least I can put together sets and drool over what could be~

I've been seeing lebunnybleu on Flattery and I find their designs adorable! Lots of cutesy mint and pink flats. I can't wear flats though, they always end up scraping the back of my Achille's heel and after watching Haute Tension I am fiercely protective of it. Plus rabbits are my spirit animal so I am going to just pine after those shoes forever.

What color(s) would you pair with mint?


Friday, March 9, 2012

once upon a time we burned bright

Now all we ever seem to do is fight.

Bralet - Topshop
Skirt - H&M
Rings - H&M

WOO My topshop bralet is here and I love it to death and it is da best. The material is very light but sturdy. It is a bit big but I'm scared if I traded it for a smaller size my cups would spilleth over and I do not need that. I wore this last week to my future sister-in-law's wedding dress shopping and I met all the other bridesmaids and some of her fmaily as well. it was very fun! Her mother made a beautiful cake with EDIBLE candy balls and little 'diamond' rings in them that all us bridesmaids got. Mine is sitting on my bed stand right now. C:

Oh god and that day I kept getting lost and took at least 7 different wrong turns. I was 30 minutes late to lunch and I felt really awful about making everyone wait. :<

My gorgeous sister in lawww.

Back to outfit:

narcissistic gif 

I'm going to be very narcissistic and say that I think my lips look very nice in these pictures.
 Tomorrow is going to be rainy probably. I'm glad I got to wear this to school before then. It is still pretty warm right now! Going to enjoy the sun while i can. :)


Monday, March 5, 2012

Caroline! Caroline!

She's the reason for the word bitch.

I'm going to make this quick because I have to do my ENTIRE Mythology midterm by tonight as well as other very important things so!

Playsuit - Yayer
Shorts - Forever 21
Lipstick - elf  Sociable

I've had this Playsuit from Yayer for quite a while. It's very tight in the bust on me and hard to get on but the fabric is nice and airy so it's fun to wear on warm days. Unfortunately the weather today was the opposite of the weather in my last post because it started out nice and warm and by the afternoon it was FREEZING. I had such a bitchy face taking these pictures hahaha. I was very cold!

 So windy!

I love the color of this lipstick I bought a while back in this haul. The only thing I don't like is that there is glitter in it. Does anyone know of a nice matte shade like this? I normally don't like to wear lipstick but this shade is so pretty.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Crayons On Walls

I'll color on them all.

Hi guys! Hope you are starting of this March month well! 

Top -Ex BF
Scarf - Gift
Boots - Thrifted
Tights - Ebay
I bought these tights from ebay a while ago and they are kinda too small for me. :( I'll probably be selling them soon. They're really lovely! Just not my size.
I also got this scarf from my co-worker for Christmas. It's so warm and cozy. It was cold early this morning then it got warmer! I ended up taking that off a bit ago haha

Homework is taking over my life how do people do this.